Ideas for microplastic filter?



Does anyone have any idea for a simple filter for microplastics applicable to washing machines (outlet pipes)?

Since one of the big sources of pollution from microplastic comes from washing our synthetic clothing; I was wondering if it would be possible to create a filter for microplastic that one can easily put on the waste water outlet pipe of a washing machine.

Any and all info is welcome.


I was looking for a filter type thing for microplastics, but no hit for now. I did find this, a flotation technique:

Maybe with an intermediary tank attached to your washing machine?


Hi Julia, I don’t have any idea for a filter in the pipes. But I know that people have been on it to make a ball to put in the Washing machine to pick up the microfibers. They designed it inspired by coral als water flows trough coral but still picks up little pieces. Maybe this project can inspire you to make something for the pipes. I like your idea for the pipes cos then it would filter all the water. I have no idea How effective the ball is that they created. They had it crowdfunded on kickstarter and it’s only going into producting late July in the US, with other countries to follow. Anyway here is a link. Maybe you find it useful (it’s called the caro ball) :


Hey Winniepocelet,

the Sediment-Microplastic Isolation (SMI) unit looks fine. It’s something like that I had in mind too. Maybe I can look for making something similar and easy to construct.

Anyway, thanks for the idea. If you have any more ideas feel free to share them.


Hey Lynn,

thanks for the info and link.

The ball seems like a nice and special idea. Maybe it would be nice to use these balls in combination with some sort of filter at the outlet pipes, because then it will make it easier for the pipe filter to take out the finer particles of the water.

Should you have any more ideas do post them.


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Yes, of course!


Hi Julia, I also found this. There is a german company that has created some kind of bag to put your clothes in, and which should prevent the microfibers to get trough.


On May 19th, in Ghent (BE), ReaGent is hosting an event on water quality together with some partners in environmental issues: on the Korenlei.

There is a simple protocol using a lot of salt and flotation to detect microplastic concentration in water. I don’t have the protocol by hand now, but I’ll ask.


As yet another idea for a (cheap and DIY) microplastic filter, have a look at the open source ceramic filter by Potters for Peace, or the instructions for a similar filter by RDI Cambodia. Meant to filter out bacteria, so probably suitable for the particle size of microplastic as well … I didn’t check in any detail though.