Hi everyone !

I am Lore. I study Industrial product design at Howest. We have this course called Grow It Yourself. The assignment is to experiment with natural materials, grow, test, document and at the end hopefully create a product.

I decided to experiment with kombucha leather, hemp and bioplastics. I am especially interested in the aesthetics of natural materials.

Finally, I am excited about this and hope to learn a lot. :slight_smile:

Welcome @loreDeBacker ! The aesthetics of biomaterials, I think, are a big selling point. Nature usually appeals better to people. Have you made anything yet? :slight_smile:

I am waiting for my first sheet of kombucha to grow. When it is ready I would like to experiment with coloring, embroiding, tattooing. I would also like to try making brooches or jewelry… I will post the results :relaxed: