Isolating mycelium from a mushroom


I wanted to share a short video on how to isolate mycelium from a mushroom, following a question from a forest walk during a training this weekend. This is for you Astrid and Lize :wink:

The basic outline of the video is:

  1. You want a sterile culture of your mushroom
  2. The mushroom you have is not sterile itself (eg. it was in the forest, in a shop, …)
  3. However, the inside of the mushroom is sterile. The inside of the mushroom consists of mycelium.
  4. You desinfect the outside of the mushroom in sterile conditions
  5. You cut open the mushrooms with a sterile tool in sterile conditions
  6. You put the sterile piece of mycelium in your culture medium that you prepared before. In the video it’s a liquid growth medium, but you can also use a solid one like Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA).
  7. You let the culture grow at the right conditions. To know the right conditions you need to have a vague idea of the species. The conditions of the climate where you found it are a good indication.

Does anyone else know good guides or sources that tell you how to do isolation in a simple way?