Kombucha leather in a big box

Since february i’ve been growing my own kombucha leather.
Most of this was in little containers so it was easy to do little experiments.

One day i had made to much tea for the containers i had so i decided to fill up a big curverbox too.
I filled the box with 5-10 cm of tea and added a good amount of scoby’s
Somehow tea from the same batch gave way better results in the little container than the big one.
After talking with some friends we thought i might be because the amount of tea and the surface weren’t in balance with each other.
So i brewed 35 liters so i could fill a curverbox. Somehow this didn’t really change anything about the results i was getting.

I’m not sure what i did wrong but i think the amount of tea in the box wasn’t the problem.
All the rest of the proces i did exactly the same as the small batches who gave me a thick sheet of leather.
this stays a mystery to me

what i’ve learned about this is that for sure bigger isn’t always better!

Do you have any more information on your experiment? The failure could be many things: sterility, temperature, light/darkness, oxygen transfer.

35 liters in a curver box sounds like overkill. Usually it works with about 3 cm of tea in a container. If your recipe worked in the little boxes, the recipe should also be okay.