Letting leather sheets grow together


Hello everyone,
I want to use bacterial leather for an artistic project (see: Artistic project). In order to create an exceptionally big sheet I am trying to let several smaller ones grow together while drying. As suggested by @JasperB I planned to put the grown sheets in water first to preserve them and only retrieve them when I have enough sheets to let them dry together. Like this I don’t have to let them grow all at the same time, which wouldn’t be possible because of a lack of space and containers.
Is there someone who has experience with this methode?
…or would it be better to leave the old sheet in the container and let it sink. Then I could grow another sheet on the surface, right? And the sheet underneath would stop growing?
Thanks in advance for the help!


@bdamsin did some tests about growing sheets together


Hi! I found out you can simply leave two pieces of cellulose to dry on top of eachother and they will combine into one. For the storage of wet sheets I don’t think placing them in water is a good idea and, as you already proposed, I would leave them in the culture liquid. Although if you keep the same liquid for growing a lot of sheets you will have to refill the liquid in order to provide enough nutrients. I’ve tried also to keep sheets in water but it started to smell and yeasts started to develop.

I just finished a thesis on bacterial cellulose and its mechanical properties, I will post it on the forum in a second.


Thanks a lot! That was very helpful.
When you say that I have to refil the batch you mean that I have to add tea, sugar and vinegar and no starter and additional scoby?
I would just pour the tea/sugar-mixture and vinegar on top and that’s it?
…and how much tea/sugar/vinegar would you suggest? As much as in the normal recipe or less?


Thanks for the refer @Elise !


Another question @bdamsin. How often would you suggest repeating the refil in one batch?


here you will find the link to my thesis where some relevant information may be written for you: Thesis bacterial cellulose as architectural membrane

I would simply refill it when you notice that growth has kind of stopped, it depends on how much you’ve used and how much has been consumed. Indeed the starter isn’t needed since the bacteria are already in there.

Good luck


Thanks! That looks like a great source of information.