Me and my mycelium furniture project

I am a design student from Berlin and I am working currently on a mycelium project. My plan is, to design and grow furniture (rocking chairs or benches) by using (local) fibers of wood and hemp. In the best case for outdoor usage (i don’t really know if this is possible, I think it should but somehow I cannot find any similar projects).
To be honest I’m totally new in the fungi topic, but really interested. I did an unsuccessful try some weeks ago. After that I researched a lot, bought spawns (shiitake) and i tried it again. Hopefully this works… we will see^^
I think I will make a lot of experiments in the next weeks and I will try to keep u up to date. I just ordered glossy ganoderma spawns because I found out the mycelium becomes harder.
And yeah… let’s see what happens. I’m thankful for tips and suggestions and I’m looking forward to rummage in this forum :slight_smile:

With mushroom start with easy ones like oyster’s
Many peoples does biofabrics with reishi, find a simple process someon’s shared the receipe et copy it to start, then when it works you can improve t your way. “Overspawning” gives also for chance to sucess too

How is your progress?