Metals and electronics in kombucha leather

Hi everyone,

i am currently working on growing functional objects.
My first batch failed and in in my second batch I applied electronics and metals.

I am using a basic recipe for all my batches: 5l water, 500g sugar, 50g tea and 500 ml cider vinegar.
The tea is split into ten containers for each object.

After 2 weeks, I removed the air from beneath the kombucha. The kombucha has been pushed down to create space to implement the objects. The electronics and metal pieces have to be desinfected and placed on top of the kombucha. From now on, the kombucha functions as a scoby.
A second layer grows on the surface. The layers will grow together in the drying process

test objects: stainless steel wire, resistor, condensator, pencil, magnet, button (steel), heating wire, copper, nfc tag, led strip

After another 2 weeks, the test pieces have been dried on a wooden plank.
Only the resistor test is darker, the rest of the test pieces look normal. and function as desired.
Tests are coming soon!

this is the result:


Reinout Van der Hauwert
student industrial product design


Cant wait to see the results of your arduino experiment

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Very cool experiments! Reminds me of @lize’s ambition to integrate electronics into mycelium pieces.

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