Mushrooms biomaterial

Hi everybody!

Did someone ever tried to make some materials (or something else) with the mushroom fruiting part instead of the mycelium ?

Looking for ways to close the loop after mycoremediation

Hi @Pacha! I’ve seen someone make a jewel from a fruiting body. He had place a gem on the growing fruiting body. The growth then eventually partly engulfed the gem, at which point he dried the whole thing and it became a piece for a pendant.

In Romania they use sheets harvested from the fruiting body as a kind of leather. It’s called Amadou.

The dried mushroom is then brittle thus no ? And need to be away from water I imagine.

Thanks for your answer, I will have a look about Amadou.

I also find something about using them for wool dying

Some mushrooms are really, really hard like bricks. For example the fruiting bodies of Turkey Tail can be strong, both fresh and dry.