My experimental challenge

Hi I’m Arthur Demeyer.
I’m an industrial product design student, this year i follow a course all about organic grown materials.

For this asignment I’ll reseach the material use in the current consumption market. My goal is to find existing marketsegments where the use of organic grown materials could be benefitial for all parties involved. I hope to show a variety of realistic and impactful uses/posibilties for these kind of materials. In the end I wish to end up with a redesigned product wich will show the potential of organic grown materials. I want raise awareness and sesitize the posibilities of these materials to a large public. It’s all about getting other people on board and getting it out there.

I will share my questions and discoveries on this platform along the way.

Hi @Arthur, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: I share the sentiment about wanting to raise awareness about the materials. The knowledge is really not out there yet, or it’s the kind of knowledge that makes people wait for others to bring solutions, while in reality they can do things at home on smaller scales.

Do you have any specific material in mind that you want to work on?