Mycelium progress bonsai tree

This is my fina result of my growing to be presented for the jury.

I focused on the more estethic and funtional side of Mycelium. These flower pots can be used to grow a plant form seed and put it with it’s pot in the ground. Just like the cardboard ones but than more estithical and bigger for larger pants. It’s 100 percent biodegradale.
I’ll be testing out now if the bonsai in the little pot will be growing through the scelet of the pot. I hope it does and that it creates a good looking effect. It would also be very useful for bonsai keepers as to keep the tree small the roots have to be cut but for doing so repotting is necessary. Here it won’t be as you can reach the roots from the outside.

The process:

Before starting the making of the larger pot, I had to get to know how to work with the material. It took me several tryouts of different materials. Wood and mais turned out for me the best materials to get started making shapes.

  • Pla and wood filament to create the main structure -


Process notes:

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Awesome project, they look great!

Nice work @RensonHubert! I’m super curious to see if the roots would indeed grow through the pot as you say. That must be beautiful… Will you put up a livestream/make a timelapse? :smiley: