Mycelium toys


Hey all,

I just came across this:

All fun and games, but what if they were made with a biomaterial? You could just reuse the magnet when making new ones.
Any one played around with magnets in mycelium material yet? They’d have to be in there from the start, I wonder if they would affect growth. Probably will also depend on the type of metal it’s made of.

Something to ponder on…


That’s a creative idea, I like it!

Magnets corrode easily, so they need to be coated first. What also needs to be adressed is the distance between two magnets or metal. The force exponentially drops with the distance. So a 1-2mm material thickness over the magnet is desireable.

Maybe by creating a two-part piece could help, where one part creates the right hole depth&thickness and the other closes the hole. The magnet could be inserted before the second growing phase, after which you also join the pieces to let them fuse/grow together.


That would be an interesting approach!

I’m wondering if we can get cubes that small with myc mat. What substrate would you use?

Also, how would we stop de exterior from corroding to easily. I can imagine if the blocks snap on and off each other, bits will start to come loose. Maybe we can coat it with bacterial cellulose :smile:


I think that using starch or someother bioplastics would give a nicer looking finish and still have decent properties and coloring possibilities.


I also think a material other than mycelium might be best suited. Mycelium material doesn’t resist wear and tear as good. Unless you’d use the compressed version, but that potentially poses some danger to the magnet and machine.

You can apparently also make a kind of plastic from bacterial cellulose if you drain/compress it. Maybe put the magnet in that mix?


Check this out

Her work is generally interesting.