Mycelium used to break down packaging waste


I’m Genti, architecture student at Sint-Lucas.
For my master project I decided to work with mycelium. As I started to do some research, I found this interesting project called “Paternoster”. It is a design where they used mycelium to break down the plastic waste in our trash. I thought only bio-materials could be used in combination with mycelium to do this? Does anybody know what type of mycelium could be used for breaking down plastics? I thought this is a very interesting project, but I still don’t really get how it works. :slight_smile:

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There are some specific mycelium varieties that break down some specific types of plastic I think. @Lennert is working on this atm, maybe he can give some more specific info


It took just two months for the fungi - Aspergillus tubingensis - to biodegrade a type of plastic called polyester polyurethane (PU) into smaller pieces.

And worms …


Thank you very much for the information! It is very helpful and interesting!

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