Myco-filtration on urban rivers


I am starting this topic to invite people to share experiences or links to research into myco-filtration and/or myco-remedition of water.

If this conversation already exists please point me in the right direction as I am new to this forum.

I work for a rivers trust in the UK and also a freelance artist producing community based creative projects. I am inspired by the potential of the use of mycelium for filtering petrochemical and heavy metal pollutants out of the urban water network but would like to have conversations with people involved in developing and trialing this work before I propose a project to the organisation I work with.


Hi @PoppyF ! Welcome to the forum. As someone working across science and community myself (at the open lab ReaGent), I’m happy to encounter others in the space. What kinds of projects are you involved in? :slight_smile:

I learned on mycoremediation from the first fungi book I read: I’m quite happy with the quality and readability, definitely a recommendation.

Locally, @Audreyspeyer has been working for a long time on mycoremediation and did some impressive artistic research into it!


Hi Winnie

Thanks for the link to book. I’ll certainly look at it. I’m sorry i’m not in Ghent to get involved with ReaGent.
Being the small world that it is it was Audrey Speyer that introduced me to this network, it’s just taken me months to getting round to posting here.