Need help regarding bioresins

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I am working with natural fibers and was wondering if there are any bioresins that can be used to make a composite film using handlayup method.

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Hey @trupti,
I am looking into bio resins myself for a project and am also looking for solutions.I am not an expert, but I can tell you that there are ‘biobased’ resins used for surfboards etc., (such as entropy resins which perform very well in a lay up technique.

It really depends on how much ‘bio’ you expect. Most so called biobased resins still have a large quantity (70-80%) fossil fuel components in them. Entropy resins has about 40%, i believe. So depending on what your standards are, it is good to look into this and see how far you want to take the ‘bio’. Or at least be aware of it.

Unfortunately so far in my search I haven’t found ‘real’ bio resins on the market that work like epoxy. But I am eager to learn, so if anyone knows any, I would love to dig deeper into it!


Hey everyone

They are many natural resins existing ! About artworks resins and others, there is this french site about arworks technics

And you can found in other domains (building, industrial…) , as dandelion latex, “brai de bouleau” (in french)

Maybe some thing are to be triyed with micelium parcially digesting your fibre… ?

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thank you so much .will look into it .