New kind of food packaging?


Hello! Next to working with vegan kombucha leather I really want to try some FRUIT LEATHER too. Maybe this could be a new kind of food packaging? The fruit leather can be made off rotten fruits or vegetables (maybe this could be supplied by the leftovers of big supermarkets?). So now I will be experimenting with the lifespan, taste, look, feeling of the fruit leather! I first tried this with rotten tomatoes, I tried 3 different variations. The first contains blended tomatoes, salt, lemon juice, the second also contains blended tomatoes, salt, lemon juice and AGARAGAR and the last one blended tomatoes, salt lemon juice and buckwheat. The 3 variations are all blended, boiled for 15 minutes to disinfect and spread onto baking trays. They bake in an oven (75°C) for about 4 hours to dehydrate. Now that they are done I am going to experiment on them and see if it’s possible to make them into packaging!


Hi @Amber ! Looks good :slight_smile: Were you inspired the Fruitleather people in Rotterdam? Did you emulate their recipe?