Origin of mycelium

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For our science project at our school, we have decided to create a biomaterial made out of mycelium. We purchased a Grow It Yourself-kit on the internet which included dry material and a plastic mold. First we had to make a mixture of water and flour and then mix it up with the dry material. After 4 to 5 of days we had to add again some spoons of flour. One week later we had to put it in the oven and our flowerpot made out of mycelium was ready.
Now what we don’t understand is what kind of mycelium did we exactly use. We think that it came from our flour but we can’t find anywhere what mycelium we used. We were hoping someone could help us and tell us where it came from and which one it is.

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Marie and Florian

Hey Marie and Florian! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I believe the Ecovative GIY kit contains Ganoderma mycelium. It’s a specues of fungus that’s particularly suited to making mycelium materials. It’s in the mixture of fibers that’s in the kit, I believe, in a dehydrated form.

The flour would be additional powerfood for the mushroom. Mostly, it eats woody substances (the fibers), but sugars like flour make it grow faster.

Does this answer your question?


Hi winnieponcelet

Thank you very much for your fast response! It really helps us a lot! :slight_smile:

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