In less than 24 hours.


What are we looking at here??

did you bake it?? what material is that grid?? is the grid corroded as well?


I wanted to create air bubbles inside my Scoby when I started to notice that it s changing its colour. Photo no 2 the next day it was all black. In the evening, when I removed it yes I found the wire corroded. It is supposed to be aluminium. I will have to go back to the seller to ask. I now doubt it is.

I think black is also an indication of toxicity. I have got a lighter color when I fed Scoby on a toxic plant. I will experiment with a different toxic plant and see.

If I use toxic plants or mushrooms for colours do you think they ll be dangerous if bacterial cellulose was used in fashion accessories and textile?


yes, i would NOT risk using toxic specially if they are toxic or poisonous to the touch.


No poisonous if you eat them.