Playing with light and limiting the flexibility

in this batch i experimented both with light falling trough kumbucha leather and with limiting one direction of flexibility.
first the light.
i grew pine needles in certain patterns and a twig in between 2 sheets of kumbucha.

i let them air dry on a piece of wood, but for some reason the drying took longer than usually. so i put them in the oven for a while.
when they were fully dried i held them in front of a lamp to see the effect.

in my opinion this gave a beatiful effect.

then the flexibility:
i found out that by putting twigs in between 2 sheets of kumbucha i could limit the flexibility in one direction.
so i tried to see how big the overlap of the 2 sheets had to be to stay connected and if i could limit the flexibility even more.
i put twigs in this way and let them dry.

the layers didnt adhere very well, so thinner twigs might be better.

i also put them in front of a lamp to see the effect, because why not.

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Cool mix of functionality and aesthetics - I like it :slight_smile:

I saw you also experimented with combining insulating fibres with kombucha. I wonder how that would interact with these experiments. By mixing quantities, you could have a big range of possible functionalities of the material: direction of strength, insulating properties, thickness, …