Productdesigner searching for advice!



I’m Hanne, and as productdesigner, I would like to start to experiment with mycelium.
For the moment, I really am a beginner :slight_smile:

I want to make shapes for interior use. (like lampshades, flowerpots…)
I want the surface to be relatively smooth. I like the natural look, but I also want to experiment with sanding the shapes afterwards.
Which spawn do I use the best for this?
Because I am really just starting on this, which spawn is not too difficult to grow at home?

I hope someone can help me out here!


Hey Hanne , where are you from?


Hey @Hanne ! Welcome :slight_smile: Caroline Pultz (@LumiFungi ) developed the Lumifungi for Permafungi back in the day, together with @niekd, @Elise and me.

Is that the look you’re going for?

Sanding shapes is discouraged, as it removes the outer layer that gives the object a lot of its strength and properties such as hydrophobicity. In terms of spawn, Trametes versicolor or multicolor is good, though I would buy it as is and not grow it myself. It’s relatively cheap for the effort it saves you. Growing sterile spawn is a specialized activity that’s hard to get right. It’s also more of an engineering challenge and kind of outside your goal as a designer.

Maybe there’s local suppliers of spawn in your area?


Yes, that is kind of the look I want to get!
Thanks for the advice! I suppose I just have to follow your tutorial to start with experimenting, or do you have some other tips to get good results, specific for this kind of look?
The closest supplier will be Mycelia I suppose.


I’m from Ploegsteert. (close to ypres, Belgium)


You’re in luck that you’re in Flanders @Hanne ! :slight_smile: You should pass by a Biofabrication Meetup in Ghent some time. Here’s an agenda. We can hook you up with mycelium spawn and some pointers on how to work best. The tutorial will get you going for sure, but some “offline” advice from peers will help a lot as well.


Thanks! I think I will come to the next meetup!