Project in Lisbon I wish to share : NÃM @NAM.UrbanMushroomFarming

Hello! I really hope this topic fits in the forum and your guidelines.
I thought of you because of the keyword “mushrooms”.
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Here is some words for the description and the link afterwards
“NÃM is an urban agriculture and circular economy project, with the mission to help make our cities, starting with Lisbon, more resilient. We aim to collect coffee ground (still considered as “waste”) in any location discarding it and transform it into fresh oyster mushrooms and organic compost.”

They search a space in Lisbon or in surrounding for their mushroom farm project.
If you are interested and or if you know contacts to help them, feel free!

Thank you!

Hi Olivier,

You’re probably aware or connected to the vast network of coffeeground mushroom growers. In The Netherlands this idea is most successfully implemented by RotterZwam from Rotterdam. Last week I spoke one of the founders and he told me they will launch a fair-franchise model to accelerate the implementation and growth of this concept through Europe. Next month they will present a modular farm which they want to use for this. They are looking for partners in the whole of Europe. Maybe contact them?


I’m not personally involved and you know more in that field than me. I will just let know Natan about this and it will be up to him to make the contact :slight_smile:
Have a nice week and thank you for your message!

I told him and he already knows RotterZwarm and is in contact with them. Wish you a nice end of week!