Searching for tiny mushroom species



I am working on a project of living jewels or wearable plant jewels. I’ve already made tiny terrariums and I am in the process of creating moss pendants, which are turning out good so far.

Now another thing I would LOVE to be able to do is create a mushroom bracelet or pendant dat starts of as a piece of mycelium and spawns mushrooms while you wear it, as you then get a changing, living beautiful jewel of something we usually dismiss as ugly.

I grew a tiny piece of mycelium in the dark and then exposed it to the optimal surroundings for growing spores as a first test of how such a jewel could work. Half of it is covered, as I’m also testing if I can direct the mushroom growth to one spot. Nothing happened so far.

It might be that the condition aren’t that optimal as I’m doing this from home without equipment, which would mean it might not be possible at all, but I was also thinking it might be that for bigger species you will always need too much mycelium before fruiting bodies can be created? I was thinking that using a species that creates tiny mushrooms might be more succesful that traditional mushrooms?

Does anyone have some experience with how much mycelium you need before mushrooms can be created? Or with tiny mushroom species?