successfull iteration with bioplastic 3

In this iteration I have tested how a mixture of agar reacts with glycerol and water if I put a sushi leaf on it. It sounds a very silly idea, but the result is there. after a night of drying, the plastic is curled and you can see clearly that the pores of the sushi tray have been expanded and hardened. The plastic is very strong and feels like sandpaper. This is an interesting test because it feels like a material that can handle a lot and has a lot to do with it.

Great work on all your iterations.

I think your main issue is the final steps of drying are very uneven, which is probably what leads to your curving. have you tried applying tension or weight to the plastic as it dries.

I seem to remember is a common issue in SCOBY based materials, so you should be able to get rid of it in a similar manner.

This looks promising, nice job! :slight_smile:

Indeed the drying process has a big effect on the curling. Eg. with scoby’s you can tweak how fast you dry it, that will have an effect. You can also stretch it while drying, though you risk cracks or ruptures then. Or heat press it, so that it is flattened like when you iron stuff, while it is dried.