Update experiment idea

Okay, so finally I have a better idea of what I want to prototype. What do I want or need that is not too big and useful. So what I came up with is a wallet (mine was stolen) or an organiser (you know the kind where you have a notebook incorporated, a holder for a pen and perhaps some extra’s) I know still not completely concrete what but at least I am heading in a direction, one decision at a time.
My plan:

  • I want to see how I can joint separate pieces of kombucha together. Thought about using heat, apparently it is possible to join them together when the pieces are still wet. I will surely try this, I want to see if it could be possible to join it all together without stitching.
    My idea is to use two pieces of kombucha. Put down the first piece then a piece of wood, on top of that another piece of kombucha with the edges over the wood touching the first piece of kombucha. So the edges would be joint together and it would form a pocket.

  • I would like to add some detail to the outside. Maybe a pattern? But especially I would like to add my name to the back. I was thinking about testing ink stamps or a press a stamp on it really hard and leave it for a while so it would form the pattern in 3D.
    Or does anybody have experience burning a shape or pattern into kombucha leather?
    As for the crystals, I still will do some experimenting with them but I think I would just use this for some detail. If I find something much more interesting with crystals I can still see if I want to change what I’m making. But now I just need a plan to start doing something more than just wait and see.
    Next step is now to buy a bigger container and make some tea to start growing a bigger piece of kombucha than the one I am growing at the moment.

Be sure to have enough nutrients in your tea and sufficient heat. The temperature really does make a big difference when growing kombucha. I’m saying this, because having a larger container at high temperature is often harder when you’re doing it at home :slight_smile: