Update on bioluminescent mycelium project


Hi everyone,

I’m a master student in industrial design and for my master thesis I’m focussing on growing bioluminescent mycelium and searching for a way to use these in a product environment. The fungi I experimented with are Panellus Stipticus and Omphalotus Nidiformis. After long experimenting with different substrates and shapes, I’ve managed to get a decent success rate with a straw based substrate. The mycelium itself doesn’t produce a lot of light, but it’s definitly visible as a green-white color in complete or almost complete darkness and in the best scenarios can produce light for over a year in a closed of container without having to add anything. The picture below is an experiment using empty light bulbs. These ones managed to consistently produce light for about 5 months before dying.
You can find more pictures of experiments on my blog: https://bioluminescenceindesign.blogspot.com/
Remarks or ideas are definitely welcome.



Hi Janis, looks really cool. Any ideas how we could enhance the bioluminescence?


Hi Jasper,
The light level of the mycelium can mainly be increased by using an optimal growth environment. Which is done by controlling the pH, temperature and darkness. From the P. Stipticus I’ve also noticed that the fruit bodies produce more light than the mycelium itself, although they are quite difficult to grow.