Vienna says Hi

This is Jakob from Vienna. Some of you I have met at Biofabbing in Geneva last year. I’m currently writing my master’s thesis in Biomedical Engineering on prosthesis control. Although a lot of what I learned at university was rather technical, I am very excited to dive more into the world of living things.

Together with a few friends from university, we founded our DIY-Science project [kat]alab (website, facebook). Right now we are trying to find a space to open our community biolab! We’re excited to grow our community and to stop growing living things in our not very sterile kitchens :wink:

We want to play around with mycelium materials a little and move to more specific projects later (maybe packaging).

Thank you all so much for making this possible, it’s invaluable to have a community and not only books for sharing knowledge. Looking forward to learning and trying new things with you!

Nice project!! Keep us posted on your progress with the biolab development.

You can share that too on the forum, would be really valuable for a lot of people: how you do DIY-sciences

What kind of projects do you have in the biolab?

Welcome on the forum @jakob! :slight_smile: It’s really cool to have open spaces like yours and ReaGent connected and sharing knowledge. The forum is turning into a massive interactive book :slight_smile:

Hi @winnieponcelet and @Elise, sorry for disappearing from the forums for a while. I definitely have to add this: Yes! Lets get connected and share our ideas/knowledge. I like the idea of the world university :wink:

So far, we just have some workshops we held during last summer and we are starting mycelium material as our first “own” project. Personally, I want to get involved with OpenDrop and learn about phage therapy.