What's going on to my scoby?

I’m new in the group , I began to work on kamboucha and at my first attemp I got this kind of weird scoby, I think its contaminated with Kahm yeast can’t say, any one kwno how to do to avoid this, they were absolutely fine for a week and then I got this!

I Also got this are they mold?

hey @noha3 welcome to the forum. I got those shapes and yeast growths too sometimes. It never really impeded on the result though. It just looks a bit funky, but when drying it mostly disappears. So I’m not sure if it’s something that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Did you try drying those pieces?

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Thank you for answering! happy to hear that, because in my country “Algeria” there is no way to find kamboucha in the area :grimacing: , didnt dry them yet its my first attemp ; so exited to be the first working on a same project in the lab and the country so wish me luck and thank you guys for sharing all this stuff and informations its so helpful.