[WIKITHON] Corn Starch Bioplastic + Mycelium

The goal of the experiment is to have a more elastic core of the mycelium material by mixing bioplastic with fibres and mycelium.
I also added spirulina as an experiment, both for color and food source.

Materials used:

  • Corn starch (food store): 90g
  • Glycerin (drugstore/chemist’s shop): 90g
  • Water: 600ml
  • Spirulina powder (bio-shop): 9g
  • Hemp fibres, particle size between 10-30mm (pet shop ): 400g


  • Mix the corn starch and the spirulina with the glycerin
  • Add water
  • Place on a hot plate and mix with a spoon until coagulation
  • Take of the hot plate and continue to mix

  • Add the fibres and mix

  • Place in a autoclave bag and put in the autoclate at 121°C, for 40 minutes

  • Let the mixture cool down (< 30°C)

My experiment stopped here since the mixture was still too hot to add the mycelium.

Will be updated next week :wink:

hello Elise
Any updates yet?

nope, I didn’t go to ReaGent since then, but I’ll try this weekend

Winnie said it is closed this weekend, elektriciteitswerken… Donderdagavond volgende week? Dan zal ik er ook zijn…

I can only come in the weekends, it takes me about 1h30-2h from Brussels every time, so Thursdays are not doable

Well well, it is what it is :wink:

Next Thursday and Saturday your favourite community lab will be open again :slight_smile:

Hello Elise
I’d like to get some papers on this.
Is it possible to share?
I am also very curious about the results of this experiment