[WIKITHON] rebinding and reviving? Mycelium

So, on WIKITHON day.

I ground an old mycelium brick. Back to loose sawdust. Visible on the background of one of guillaume’s pictures.
Step 1
Mix 50g of mycelium dried brick with 30g of my choline chloride:urea mixture.

Step 2

Pack tightly in a container, and leave it abandoned on a desk as you look for a mechanical press with heating pads.

Step 3
Find out that choline chloride mixtures are not lethal to fungi and the humidity revived the spores?

Step 4
Document on the forum and ask: how do I nurture this thing and we can I know if its going to turn into a mycelium brick again?

Getting hyped at any step is optional but encouraged

Go Jorge! :wink:

Give it a huge and then you can come and place it in the incubator in my lab if you want. It should be at 26-28°C and in dark.
Where did you get the brick from? Maybe the mycelium was not heated enough?

Well I guess if you want to let it grow, you should use the same conditions as we commonly use to make the brick, so growing in the dark at around 27°C. Humidity is also important, so make you sure you cover it well. Growing mycelium will be a first good sign that it will turn into a brick again. Good luck!

Soooo exciting. You are doing some wicked reviving experiments :smiley:

@Elise the brick was a prototype that I grew

Indeed, it was one of your rejects, do you think it was fully baked??? For sure I can tell you that using the blender will blow up a a lot of dusty material, maybe spores?

It’s hard to remember if it was fully baked, but usually we bake them for 2-3h at 60-80°C. So I would say yes. If spores survive that temperature treatment, I don’t know. But the lab is anyway full of fresher spores probably.

If you want to be sure to kill the organism, you should heat it by convection above 121°C. Heating between 60-80°C has never been proved (also in no other research to my knowledge) to be the best temperature.

Checked the literature, 60 to 80 is the threshold for thermal inactivation, a carefully chosen word for not dead but not fully viable. Research is around aspergillus Niger and the like so different standards and all.

Occams Razor says random spores from the lab over fungal reactivation until its done in a more controlled manner. (fingers crossed for reactivation)