Work in progress

Hello guys, today I worked on my vegan leather again. I now have 2 batches of kombucha leather growing in my house. next week I am going to dry them with other materials dried into them. The materials I want to insert are the fibers of BANANA PEELS and PINEAPPLE LEAFS. I first blended them in the mixer, then cooked them to disinfect everything, put some salt in and put them in the oven for about 4 hours (75°C). So the next step is to put the layers in between to sheets of kombucha leather.

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@Littlepinkmaker has a guide for making fibers out of things like bananas and pineapple leaves. She gets these nice and strong white bundles of fiber out of them. We did a workshop on it, but I can’t recall the process. Care to share, @Littlepinkmaker ? :slight_smile: