Zarrouk grow medium for Algea


I’m sourcing stuff for preparing grow medium for Spirulina Algea…

Most chemicals are easy to find and reasonably affordable, or I allready have them. 2 are quite expensive and you only need a tiny bit of them to make the trace elements solution;

manganese chloride tetrahydrate >


zinc sulphate heptahydrate >

Anyone who can help with that, can sell a small amount, maybe wants to share a purchase, maybe @reagent @niekd ?


Is it necessary to have the hydrated forms of the chemicals? Or is that just how they are sold?


Naturally hygroscopic, so Hydrated is likelier cheaper than anyhydrous.

I think that Bio Grade is the source of cost here, since some of the common contaminats are not biofriendly.


Indeed, it’s the purity/grade that makes the price. I think I will do some tests with microelement solutions they sell for agriculture. And I red a paper about tests on growing spirulina in seawater with added bakingsoda not that efficient but still reasonable results. I have a lot of keltic seasalt here, think I will give it a go when I have some more volume here.


Hi all! I was looking into growing spirulina in reagent. So maybe we can join efforts somehow? :slight_smile: I could chip in for something if it is < ~50 euros. From the reagent inventory list that Winnie gave me I see that there is some zinc sulphate, but I could not find the manganese chloride.


Hi Ironic,

I have all the ingredients except for one wich should arrive today. The growing I will be doing at home since I want to monitor them a little…I’m hoping I can go to the pharmacy on the corner here to weigh off the trace elements. The recipe is for 1L and you add 2mL of the trace solution to final grow medium. So you don’t need much and it goes a really long way. The other solutions I will make in 10l jerrycans so the weighing ‘only’ needs 0.1g resolution wich I have at home.

Sharing some costs would be nice. I could come to Reagent saturday maybe, should do a visit anyway :slight_smile:
I can bring all the ingredients and depending how much you need we can weigh them off. How much algea do you want to grow?


Awesome! I am not sure about the quantity TBH :slight_smile: maybe let’s discuss everything on Saturday?


Hi @ironic… shouting to early. Saturday can’t make it but… would next thursdayevening work for you?


@winnieponcelet, is the lab open on thursday 22? Because I remember that there was a discussion to move open-insulin to wednesday…


Thursday we should be open! I will only be there from ± 20h, but I’ll see if someone else can be there earlier :slight_smile:


Great, earlier would be nice but if not… also good :slight_smile:


Hey @ironic!
How’s that spirulina @ReaGent coming along?